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Translation Series

My newest body of work is inspired by Moroccan textiles, travel experiences and untranslatable words. Incorporating geometric patterns into vibrant dream-like landscapes, bursts of color and simplified shapes pull the viewer into other-worldly environments. Using collected objects and pieces of language, I am weaving together memories while attempting to illustrate feelings for which there are no words in English. Often when returning from a journey, I have found myself speechless or at a loss about how to convey the experience. These paintings seek to express what words can not.


Hundertwasser Studies

This body of work illustrates my study of the environment, biology, and the artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. I am researching Hundertwasser's philosophies about environmental policy, politics, and religion to further explore how these things influence my artistic practice. I am interested in art as activism and as therapy in processing the current state of the world. 

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Mtn Series

The Mtn Series is a body of work that has been developing since March 2014. It began with simple geometric shapes in an effort to practice drawing meditation. In order to lower the barriers to creating art, I began slowly building a body of work comprised of geometric shapes and patterns. These are meant to offer the viewer a two dimensional slice of peace and inspiration.

These ephemeral shapes explore humans relationship to time. What seems important today, is likely a speck of dust in the greater scheme of life. Seeking purpose, meaning, interconnection, and a greater understanding of my own relationship to time, I create whimsical pieces that give the viewer a moment to think and tap into their own imaginative sense of wonder.